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Beer Selection

Please be aware that not all of our beers are available at all times. Please view our current menu find out what is currently available…or take a leap of faith and stop by the pub or taproom!

English Yeast

Udaho Gold®

4.8% ABV | IBU 18

Golden Ale. Light in body, crisp, low hop. One of SRB’s year round best sellers. Silver medal winner at North American Beer Awards 2017 & Bronze in 2019. SESSION BEER

  Grapefruit Gold (Summer):Udaho Gold infused with the fresh zest of 10 grapefruits per

  Citrus Gold (Summer):Udaho Gold infused with the fresh zest of 10 limes and 10 ten lemons
per keg

P.F.D. Pale Ale

5% ABV | IBU 65

Northwest Pale Ale. Very dry, low malt backbone. Upfront citrus hop bite, but not long in the finish. Citrus hop aroma. Silver medal winner at North American Beer Awards. SESSION BEER

Buzz Buzz Coffee Porter

6.2% ABV | IBU 55

English Brown Porter. Light malt body with moderate roast malt character. Significant coffee flavor and aroma from our cold brewed toddy coffee. We use Boise, Idaho’s Dawson Taylor fresh bean.

The Nutty Ambro

5% ABV | IBU 35

English Nut Brown. Sweet, hazelnut nose, with a malty hazelnut, but not overly sweet finish. SESSION BEER

Night Beaver

6.5% ABV

Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, 5 pint

Brown Beer

6.5% ABV

Brown Ale

American Yeast


6.2% ABV

Light Brown Ale (Belgian/American blended yeast)

Shiver India Pale Ale

6.7% ABV | IBU 100+

Dry, with intense hop bite, yet just enough malt balance derived from the use of crystal malt. Northwest IPA all the way, IE Citrus / Pine hop Aroma and Flavor.

The Big Dipa *Double india pale ale*

6.7% ABV | IBU 100+

Medium bodied with sustained hop tongue, and complex hop flavors and aromas such as, Pine, Earthy, Grass, Citrus. Less dry than our other IPA’s offering more malt balance. More ingredients, and less volume at the end of the brewing process make this beer more expensive. Silver medal winner 2016 North American Beer Awards.

Co-Chillin IPA

6.7% ABV

Idaho Style IPA

Terra Incognita Barley Wine

10% ABV | IBU 100+

Limited supply Barley Wine, with great aging characteristics. Big malt body, and malt aroma, with subtle earthy hop aroma and flavor. This beer is conditioned with toasted Oak chips, that are soaked in Crown Royal.

Sweep Boat Stout

4.5% ABV | IBU 30

Dry Stout. Black in color unless held to bright light where tinges of dark brown can be seen. Slight chocolate nose, with waves of roasted barley and black malt aroma. A very dry, light body gives this stout an easy drinking appeal. SESSION BEER

Dark Villian Imperial Milk Stout

7.6% ABV | IBU 40

2017 NABA Gold Medal Winner. Dark Villain Imperial Milk Stout. Opaque, with a dark tan head. Very Strong roasty nose, and flavor. A super silky mouth-feel (or is it milky, from the added lactose), and big roast malt body, with just enough hop balance.

Big Swingin’ T Pale Ale

4.5% ABV

American Pale Ale

Island Style

5.2% ABV

Coconut Brown Ale

Belgian Trappist Abbey Yeast

Hazy Daze

5% ABV | IBU 12

Fermented cool, to allow the banana like flavors and aromas to slightly rise above the natural clove qualities. Attractively hazy, from the heavy use of wheat, and traditional yeast strain, and golden in color, this beer is crisp, complex, and refreshing!

Face Shot White IPA

6.8% ABV

Belgian India Pale Ale

Blonde Sabbath

6% ABV

Belgian Blonde

Comfortably Numb

8.8% ABV

Belgian Trippel (no HH)

Fairy Dust

9.8% ABV

Belgian Dark Strong Ale


Cherry Lift *WINTER*

6.5% ABV | IBU 25

Dark Amber color with red hue’s from the 100 pounds of sweet and tart cherries added in fermentation. Flavor is malty, with cherry. Slight hop bite adds balance to this malt/fruit forward beer.

Carnyval Seasonal IPA *mccall winter carnival*

A brewers whim IPA recipe, that changes some every year, and is brewed in celebration of McCall’s Winter Carnival. Usually more of a “session” IPA, coming in around 5.7 to 6 % abv. Always lots of hop complexity in the nose and flavor.

One Eyed Pumpkin People Eater *Fall*

5% ABV | IBU 30

100 pounds of pumpkin in the mash. Delicate additions of traditional pumpkin pie spices in conditioning. This Pale Ale is lightly hopped and dry on the finish. The pumpkin pie notes are subtle and do not dominate.

Ya Ya’s Fresh Hop *Fall*

5% ABV

Golden Ale. This beer is brewed during fall hop harvest with Idaho select, fresh from the field hops, at a rate of over 12 pounds per British barrel of beer (BBL = 31 gallons). The light malt character allows the unique aroama, and flavor of fresh hop brewing to dominate. This beer bridges the gap between hop heads and lighter hop character beer fans.

Private Label

Extra Special Brundage

5.5% ABV | IBU 40

Extra Special Bitter. Available only at Brundage Mountain resorts, Smoky’s Bar, and SRB’s Pub. This famous English style is known for a malty, slightly biscuit like flavor, with just enough hop bite on the finish.

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