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The Taphouse is now open!

Enjoy rooftop dining + the full Pub & Taphouse menu for to-go orders

Offering take-out and Outdoor dining

The Pub and Taphouse are open and both menus (Pub & Taphouse) are available for outdoor dining and for take-out.


Delivery is still available as well ($100 minimum order)

Order Online

Welcome to Salmon River Brewery

in McCall, Idaho

Salmon River Brewery makes award winning craft beer using using as many local and regional ingredients as possible. We are a family friendly restaurant with outdoor seating in the summer that features some of the best views in McCall, and in the winter an indoor stove or outdoor fire pit to warm your bones after a day at one of our local ski resorts, or flying through powder on your snowmobile.

Find us in McCall’s old train depot above the Hotel McCall’s courtyard, next to Legacy Park and Payette Lake. We offer a full restaurant menu in addition to our extensive beer & wine selection, which features a rotating variety of Salmon River Brewery creations as well as numerous guest taps. We look forward to seeing you at the pub.

Gold Medal:
North American Beer Awards

Blonde Sabbath Belgian Blonde – 2018

Dark Villian Imperial Milk Stout – 2017

Silver Medal:
North American Beer Awards

Udaho gold – 2017

The Big DIPA Double India Pale – 2016

P.F.D. Pale Ale – 2013

Bronze Medal:
North American Beer Awards

Blonde Sabbath Belgian Blonde – 2019

Buzz Buzz Coffee Porter – 2019

Udaho Gold – 2019, 2014

Quiver IPA – 2010

Hours of Operation:

Open Daily from 11am- 8pm for To-Go Orders + Outdoor Dining


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