What would you do for a Udaho Gold?

On September 16, 2011 Craig Utter decided to set a personal record and ran from the Krassel Helibase to the Salmon River Brewery for a total of 42 miles.  He finished this ultra-marathon event in 8 hours 59 minutes and 32 seconds.

‘I ran the whole time accept for a lunch stop at the summit of Lick Creek & a quick jump in the Little Payette at the Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary.   It was an absolutely beautiful day for a run,’ said Utter.

Utter is a Heli-Rappellers of the Krassel Ranger District.  Krassel helibase is located along the South Fork Salmon River near Yellow Pine, Idaho.  The base has no electricity or telephones.  The area offers the outdoor enthusiast opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and hunting during recreational time.  Physical fitness is a top priority for Krassel Helitack Heli-rappellers, as proven by Utter.

At the end of his race the crew at the Salmon River Brewery had a 33 ounces of Udaho Gold awaiting Utter.

One of the first comments from Utter when he arrived at SRB was,  ‘I ran 42 miles for a Udaho Gold at the Salmon River Brewery.  What would you do?’

We toast his strength & determination in running extra miles for the reward of a good beer.  Cheers Craig!


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  • Robin Parker says:

    What kind of friends are these? Why didn’t they have 42 oz of Udaho Gold waiting for him?! One for each mile :-) Nice work, Utter!

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