2011 McPaws Oktoberfest

McPaws Pic

This year is the second annual McPaws Oktoberfest celebration.

Founded in 1998,  McPAWS is the Regional Animal Shelter for Central Idaho.  It also has one of the highest “save” rates in the nation.

Last year alone McPaws was able to provide a safe haven for 614 lost, abandoned, and unwanted animals.  They found ‘forever homes’ for 453 animals, and returned 121 lost animals to their families. No healthy, adoptable animals were euthanized.   The facilities currently provide shelter for 75 cats and dogs.

The Salmon River Brewery supports McPaws non-profit organization with donations each year.

If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting an animal we recommend you visit McPaws Regional Animal Shelter in McCall or online:   http://www.mcpaws.org/

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