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Udaho Gold

After 5 summers of operation, SRB moved our pub from our little funky house turned pub, down to McCalls old train depot, in the hotel McCall Courtyard, just across from Legacy Park, and the shores of Payette Lake. We will always look back on our beginnings with a sparkle in our eye, but it is FUN to be in the heart of town, right where all of the action is, with a view of beautiful Payette lake and Brundage Mountain.


As you look around the pub you will see all kinds of hand crafted action, from in house made custom tables, and bar tops, to plasma torch cut custom keg lights, and amazing art pieces from local artists. We warmed the place up, with paint schemes and amber lights, and brought our creative touch to make it our own.


We do not miss the old outdoor trucker tarp kitchen, especially in the deep of winter (Do you remember the Matt’s out cooking up brats with NO tarp, SRB hoody’s zipped up during our first winters?) The new joint has a full kitchen, poised to whip up quality gourmet pub grub for adults and kids alike. It has allowed us to expand our menu, and achieve better efficiencies.


Our seating expanded from 35 to 75. Our taps expanded from 12 to 18.