River Bed Red (Currently Not Available)

Salmon River Brewery’s latest creation is the River Bed Red.  It features a dark amber color, with deep red hues derived from specialty European malt barley. It’s very light bodied, and easy drinking, with a low hop profile that shows off the very unique spicy characteristics of the trappist yeast. Session Beer. 4.7% abv. IBU 28

Call the pub at 208-634-4SRB to check for availability or stop by to see what else we currently have on tap.

A new Salmon River Brewery Pub for YOU!

It never ceases to amaze, the quick passage of time. SRB has FIVE years under our collective belts, in the business of brewing craft beer to the highest quality possible, preparing food in our pub with great care, and supporting local, regional, national, and international, Live music, as an eclectic venue. Speaking of venue, have you been to the NEW SRB Pub yet?!? Well, if not, let’s take a TOUR!!

Welcome to the NEW Pub

Welcome to the NEW Salmon River Brewery Pub located at 411 Railroad Ave. in McCall’s historic old train depot. (Photo: wildaho©)


SRB front door montage

Salmon River Brewery (Photos: wildaho©)


(Photo: Idahobatholith Productions©)

View from the back deck of Salmon River Brewery!(Photo: Idahobatholith Productions©)


First off, let’s get some background on this move. Local Valley County hotelier, restaurateur, golf course dreamer, and avid outdoors-man, David Carey, approached us about moving SRB down to McCall’s old train depot in the fall of 2013 (Which his father, John Carey, progressive land developer et al., had purchased in the  early 1990’s).

David has served SRB’s beers in their Jug Mountain Ranch club house, and lakeside restaurant, Ruperts at Hotel McCall since the day we opened in 2009, and has been a BIG advocate of our business on many fronts for the years following. When he approached us about moving, we had just completed our 5th summer at our original joint, and had recently announced the addition of Adolphus Busch IV as a minority partner in our company, and the ensuing equipment expansion in our brew house. We had also completed new business plans exploring the construction of a larger, production size brewery, capable of producing enough beer to spread the cheer to the entire state of Idaho, and multiple neighboring states. We knew moving SRB to the core of town, with all of the associated costs, would entrench us as a Brew Pub (that’s ok!!), requiring us to focus intently on our restaurant aspect of the business. One issue came up quickly. Where does the Brewery go? David wondered if we could keep the current brewery, and deliver beer to the new pub. We quickly explained our belief, that to deliver the BEST customer experience, the brewery needs to be attached to the pub, so customers can see where the beer magic happens, and so staff can have that close connection to the heart beat of the company, the BEER! David believes so deeply in the future of SRB, that he proposed they build us a custom brew space attached to the pub, for us to outfit, and brew MORE craft beer for you!! More on THAT project in the next blog post!!

(Phot: wildidaho©)

Salmon River Brewery Tap house. 25 total taps (Photo: wildaho©)


(Photos: wildidaho©)

Salmon River Brewery (Photos: wildaho©)


Artist, Ed Anderson's custom SRB Beer Board (Photo: Michael Tobiason©)

Artist, Ed Anderson’s custom Salmon River Brewery Beer Board (Photo: Michael Tobiason©)


SRB brewers delivering beer to THIRSTY pub-go'ers. (Photo: Idaho Batholith Productions©)

Salmon River Brewery brewers delivering beer to THIRSTY pub-go’ers. (Photo: Idaho Batholith Productions©)

The great part about being “entrenched ” in the brewpub model, from a beer standpoint, is it means we get to focus more on new recipe development,creation of a bona fide barrel aging, and sour beer program, and fun, special beer related events around the pub grounds.
It does mean there is going to be some difficulties supplying our growing keg distribution network in Central, and Southern Idaho this coming summer. More on that in the next blog post!

(Photo: idahobatholith productions©)

Salmon River Brewery’s Cherry Christmas Ale 6.4% abv. Fermented with Sweet and Tart cherry’s (Photo: idahobatholith productions©)


(Photo: Michael Tobiason©)

Salmon River Brewery (Photo: Michael Tobiason©)


(Photo: idahobatholith productions©)

Salmon River Brewery (Photo: wildaho, Michael Tobiason, idahobatholith productions©)

From a food, and customer service experience standpoint, it means much more of good thing, in regards to delicious gourmet pub grub, expanded full service, and major outdoor customer area enhancements. The old outdoor kitchen (remember the Matt’s et al. out on the old deck bbq’ing beer soaked brats in sideways snow?), has been replaced with a larger, more capable kitchen (Yet, not large enough?!? More on that in the next blog post). SRB’s new chef, and Le Cordon Bleu Portland graduate, Jason VanSlyke, has not been wasting any time utilizing it. He has improved our Elk Burger, brought back baked Mac and Cheese, Oven Roasted Hot Wings, and Smoked Salmon Tacos. He implemented the addition of a Thai Beef salad, and Wrap. Jason added a wonderful Salmon Filet dish, Baked Nachos, and the Scotch Egg. Town is already starting to pay attention to Jason’s daily specials, including his delicious hand-made soups. Follow this link for our FULL MENU.
Check out the photos below of the special dishes he paired with SRB beers, for a “Ski Apres Coffee Table Book”, being published out of Vail, Colorado.

(Photo: Idaho Batholith Productions in cooperation with Brealmedia©)

Salmon River Brewery Chef Jason VanSlyke surrounded by his passion.(Photo: Idaho Batholith Productions in cooperation with Brealmedia©)

Great beer, and food, are major components that we are committed to delivering with excellence. Staff to pub go’er interaction is another critical component that we are bound to. Our pub team grew from 10 to over 30 in only a few short weeks to keep up with the demand, that we are so pleased to see exists! Our General Manager Chenoa Badley, and Chef Jason, are excited, and up for the challenge of developing, and retaining an outstanding staff team in our pub.

(Photo: wildidaho© Edit: IBP©

Salmon River Brewery Chef Jason VanSlyke, and General Manager Chenoa badley in lower left corner. (Photo: wildaho© Edit: IBP©

The new pub has 75 interior seats (up from 35 in the old joint), and some major aesthetic, and functional upgrades from years past, that all came together thanks to the help of Studio 616, Tall Timber, SRB Season Pass member, and master craftsman Eric Taplin, epoxy master Mountain Pulliam, Rocky Mountain Signs, DeMoss Glass ArtRough N’ Rustic , many staff members who cleaned, painted, stained, and the SRB owners who helped at every phase.
What kind of upgrades? Custom lounge zone, the addition of a massive 15ft Ponderosa bar top,and a 8ft Ponderosa table, custom metal tables, and keg lighting, suede ceiling details, cut glass growler wall sconces, additional artwork, river oar display, softer lighting, and paint schemes, ceiling speakers, and more!

(Photo: Brealmedia©)

Studio 616 in McCall, assisted with design, and construction of the lounge zone. Rough N’ Rustic’s wood work, from the previous business,  can be seen in the colored wall, that we stained a slightly darker shade. Salmon River Brewery Co-owner, Jennifer Hurlbutt, added her interior design prowess at all phases.                       (Photo: Brealmedia©)


Beer is Good

The Salmon River Brewery metal fish was cut, and lit by our colleague, Jim Hinson, at McCall’s Rocky Mountain Signs (Photo: wildaho© w/ edit IBP©)


SRB Co-Owner, Matt Hurlbutts custom medal "beer" table, with copper inserts (Photo: wildidaho©)

Salmon River Brewery Co-Owner, Matt Hurlbutt’s custom metal “beer” table, with copper inserts.                   (Photo: wildaho© w/ edit IBP©)


SRB Co-owner, Matt Hurlbutt's custom tables. He used the tops of old Idaho Power cable wheels, stained them, laid epoxy on the tops, and wrapped them in hand forged metal details. (Photo: wildidaho©)

Salmon River Brewery Co-owner, Matt Hurlbutt’s custom tables. He used the tops of old Idaho Power cable wheels, stained them, laid epoxy on the tops, and wrapped them in hand forged metal details. (Photo: wildaho©)


A close up of some of the wheel table in-laid details. Local glass artist, Jesse DeMoss brought some pieces to be encased in the epoxy

A close up of some of the wheel table in-laid details. Local glass artist, Jesse DeMoss brought some pieces to be encased in the epoxy tables at Salmon River Brewery (Photo: wildaho© edit IBP©


SRB Co-owner, Matt Ganz got into the plasma torch action, creating this light feature at the bar. (Photo: wildidaho©)

Salmon River Brewery Co-owner, Matt Ganz got into the plasma torch action, creating this light feature at the bar. (Photo: wildaho©)


SRB Co-owner, Matt Hurlbutts plasma torch kegs (Photo: wildidaho©)

Salmon River Brewery Co-owner, Matt Hurlbutts plasma torch kegs (Photo: wildaho© edit IBP©)

It has been a whirl wind journey from our new pub opening in December of 2013, until now. It has been, much, much busier than we projected. With the busy Winter holiday season behind us, we are prepared to learn from our successes, and our challenges, with the goal of being ready to positively impress all of our loyal patrons, and new customers, in what we expect to be a phenomenally busy Summer of 2014. We are now open 7 days a week lunch, and dinner. Lunch was always a challenge at the original location, business was too hit and miss. It was also difficult to keep strict hours everyday, for the same reasons.  The new location has proven to be vibrant, right in the heart of McCall’s foot, and general daily activity zone, for locals and visitors alike, which has allowed us to stick to our listed hours more closely, and offer daily lunch. Stay tuned for more blog posts related to this move, specifically the CUSTOM, brewery that is planned to be attached to our pub in the old train depot! Prost!!
Salmon River Brewery

McCall's,Jim Hinson, of Rocky Mountain Signs, created this sign for Salmon River Brewery (Photo: wildidaho©)

McCall, Idaho’s Jim Hinson, of Rocky Mountain Signs, created this sign for Salmon River Brewery
(Photo: wildaho©)

Salmon River Brewery

Spring to Summer 2013 ~ The Beer Floweth

Spring is a time of renewal, and growth. In McCall, high up in the Salmon River Mountains the snow often lingers, triggering a restlessness as the mud mixes with rain, and the south facing patches under the pines are the only spots one can smell the dirt, and spy the green grass reaching towards the sun. Restlessness turns to energy and movement as spring in the mountains shifts to summer. The Lake, the trails, the birds, and the people return. In the brewery and pub, renewal, growth, energy, and movement were no less present.

Renewal in spirit started off well, when SRB was awarded silver at the North American Beer Awards for our P.F.D. Pale, in Idaho Falls on May 31st. This is the United States second largest judged beer event, based off of entries, including breweries from outside the U.S.A. We entered the P.F.D. into the American Pale Ale style, which this year had the most entries of any category. Our Pale went up against 91 other pales, and came out with silver.
High Fives!!

In April and May, growth was the theme, as the brewery was “unplugged” for a few days, allowing for the installation of SRB’s new line up of Premier Stainless System uni-tank fermenters,  a brite tank, and the brand new glycol system needed for temperature control.

These wonders of fermentation, and conditioning are HAPPY additions. High quality stainless steel, excellent temperature control, easy to clean.The first 4 years of fermenting beer in the original, old converted dairy tanks, was truly an education, and a cutting of the cloth as growing professional brewers. It forced us to focus extremely closely on proper cleaning and sanitation procedures, due to the open nature of the dairy tanks, coupled with our rookie status in 2008. They offered us an intriguing insight to what brewers have used for centuries, i.e. open tanks. (and still use today). We also feel we “paid our dues” hand scrubbing each tank after every fermenting session. All of this allowed us to appreciate the delivery of the new modern tanks exponentially more.

The difference is striking really. The new tanks vertical orientation allow us to pack more tanks in our small brewery, which means more available production. 1,400 barrels per year up from 600 barrels (a barrel is 31 gallons). We also invested in 300 new kegs to compliment the growth in fermentation space, our awesome keg washer, “E.P.A. for I.P.A.” (Thanks for the name James!), and a slough of other miscellaneous items associated with this type of growth.

Who would have guessed that the 150% increase in production capability would be maxed out by JUNE? We think our beer is delicious. We really do believe in our beer, and have been told time and again by pub go’ers, our network of draft beer accounts, and by many of our fellow industry colleagues, that they believe in our beer too. But 3 months of breathing room, and then WHAM, at capacity?!? Wow, humbled, and scrambling. Our partners in distribution to the Central and Southern Idaho region, Craig Stein Beverage, believe in us too, and played a huge part in getting our beer into the hands of 3 times the amount of accounts we had through self distribution, in a remarkably short amount of time.  We simply would never have imagined telling them to SLOW/STOP opening new accounts, inside 6 months.

Energy and movement arrived at our pub Memorial day. Summer weather showed up a week or two earlier than the last few years, and with it the people. We were pleased to offer 22 oz bottles of beer in our pub to greet the mass of summer pub go’ers. It is all hand bottling right now, so it was expected we would struggle to keep up, and struggle we did. When we were able to take a day to focus on bottling, we had a blast though.

We have a few ideas to raise efficiency with our manual bottling process, but until we acquire a semi-automated bottling, or canning unit, it will likely remain a holiday, special release offering only.



Energy and movement is at the root of our pub experience. Grill masters buzzing around putting together picnic table after picnic table of food, servers flying around with trays of cold beer, and hot food off of the grill, pub goe’rs flowing in after a day on the lake, river or trail, musicians rocking out on the stage. Everything about SRB’s pub was in action, and at times absolutely over flowing with activity. Even with a 7 day a week beer production schedule, by the end of July the pub was down to ZERO SRB beers on tap for a 24 hour period, and then weeks of 3 or 4 standard offerings. We plan for success, but we did not expect a summer like this.
Renewal, growth, energy, and movement. Cycles abound, and as we transition into our fall stretch we look forward to learning from this last Spring to Summer period, staying stoked with our vision to craft excellent beer, creating the best customer experience, supporting live music, and building on this time, to become a better brewery, and a better pub.