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Spring to Summer 2013 ~ The Beer Floweth

Spring is a time of renewal, and growth. In McCall, high up in the Salmon River Mountains the snow often lingers, triggering a restlessness as the mud mixes with rain, and the south facing patches under the pines are the only spots one can smell the dirt, and spy the green grass reaching towards the […]

The Dawn of the New Age

Statistically speaking, about 1 in 5 Americans believed that the world would end yesterday, December 21. The U.S. and Turkey were tied for the most citizens harboring millennial suspicions. Why so many? The first, and most important reason, is that America is number one. Seriously though, inspiration for these beliefs can be found in movies […]

The Brewery of No Return

Take a look at your natural river. What are you? Stop playing games with yourself. Where’s your river going? Are you riding with it? Or are you rowing against it? Don’t you see that there is no effort if you’re riding with your river?  Frederick (Carl) Frieseke (1874-1939) Beginning with it’s headwaters in the Sawtooth […]